Manage your network of training studios or education centers with paymaze

Set up automatic billing, manage subscriptions and schedules, control debt and financial performance through advanced analytics


Schedule management

The system allows you to manage the schedule of students and teachers, control visits, automatically creates classes when purchasing subscriptions.

Notification Management

Paymaze has implemented a notification system to inform managers, teachers and students. Various communication channels are used.

Franchise Management

Paymaze allows you to manage a franchise or a network of clubs, with the ability to maintain a different pricing policy, restrict access to schedules, groups and training programs.

Payment management

Accept payments from customers in different countries in a single interface, connect multiple accounts, and work with several payment systems in parallel. More details here

Membership and Subscription management

Paymaze implements automatic billing, payment debiting, auto-debiting from bank cards, subscription debt control, freezing (subscription suspension.


A simple and convenient Self-Service in the messenger, which provides access to all useful information - the status of the subscription, date on payments, upcoming classes, promotions, etc.

What tasks does it solve

In the education and sports industry, managers spend a lot of time invoicing, collecting and delivering payments, working with debtors, and monitoring visits. In the face of fierce competition, it is necessary to have a flexible tool to build pricing policy and to give as much freedom as possible to customers. Business owners also need to test tariffs and monitor their effectiveness.

    Business needs:
  • Quick launch of new products with flexible write-off logic (basic subscription, additional services…)
  • Convenient management of the learning process: planning and transferring classes, freezing the season ticket
  • For owners and managers a tool for controlling receivables, with the ability to see the plan of future receipts
  • System of reminders for clients and employees (about classes, about approaching payment, delay, suspension of subscription)
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Paymaze Sport & Education is built on the Creatio platform, which provides an opportunity to expand the solution’s functionality due to Sales, Service, and Marketing products. You can add lead or sales management and set up marketing companies using platform-tools.

Contact us if you did not see the functionality you need in the product description. We will be able to advise you and estimate possible improvements

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$ 1600 /mo
  • connecting any amount of payment gateways
  • subscription management automation
  • invoicing automation
  • managing the schedule of clients and teachers
  • franchise business automation

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Pro Version

  • self service in messenger for clients
  • connection of any payment service
  • integration with the access system
  • check in of class visitors
  • tax service integration

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